In collaboration with Gerhub, we embarked on a transformative journey where the client presented a unique design concept, aiming to convert it into a functional WordPress website. Gerhub collaborates with leading global and local institutions to drive positive change in Mongolia's ger communities.


  • WordPress

Project Details:

Challenges Faced:Transforming a creative design idea into a fully functional WordPress site while ensuring alignment with Gerhub's mission and values posed an exciting challenge.

Solution Highlights: Our team seamlessly translated the client's design concept into a dynamic WordPress website, leveraging the power of Elementor for a user-friendly and visually stunning interface. The site now serves as a digital hub for Gerhub's innovative solutions and collaborative efforts.

Results and Impact: The successful conversion of the design into a WordPress platform has empowered Gerhub to reach a wider audience, fostering greater engagement and support for their initiatives in Ulaanbaatar's ger areas.

Testimonial: "Recycling Media exceeded our expectations in bringing our design vision to life. The WordPress website has become an invaluable tool for sharing our innovative solutions and connecting with our global partners."

Technologies Used: WordPress


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