Meet Angela Go

We were honored to collaborate with Meet Angela to craft a visually striking and functionally robust website that encapsulates the core values of her brand. The project centered around spotlighting three pivotal services: Ultimate Pitch Experience (UPX), Corporate Training & Coaching, and Ultimate Career Accelerator (UCA), all geared towards empowering individuals and businesses in the evolving economy.


  • Web Design

Project Details:

Design Goals

Discovery and Research: Conducted an extensive analysis of Angela's brand, target audience, and competitors. Explored the distinctive features of UPX, Corporate Training & Coaching, and UCA. Investigated industry design trends for opportunities to stand out

Wireframing and Prototyping: Leveraged Figma for wireframing to establish a structured and intuitive website layout. Crafted interactive prototypes for user flow visualization, collaborating closely with Angela for iterative feedback.

Visual Design: Developed a cohesive design language aligned with Angela's brand identity. Adopted a modern and clean aesthetic to convey professionalism and innovation. Integrated the recycling media theme, weaving sustainable design elements throughout.

Custom Illustrations and Graphics: Designed bespoke illustrations and graphics, harmonizing with the recycling media concept. Ensured visuals reflected environmental consciousness, enhancing overall aesthetic appeal.

Responsive Design: Ensured seamless user experience across devices through responsive design. Implemented flexible layouts and optimized images for swift loading times.

Technology Used: Figma


GetSport B2B

Informational website and inspiration for the new design of our service

The new website of our team, reflecting our current vision of web design

Empowering athletes, coaches & biz owners with a sports ground booking website

StayUse Pitch

A web calculator to showcase the benefits of StayUse, hourly hotel booking system

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