Midas Analytics

Recycling Media proudly collaborated with Midas Analytics, a dynamic firm specializing in Monitoring, Evaluation, and Data & AI Consultancy. Our team embarked on the challenge of creating a modern and user-centric web design to showcase Midas Analytics' expertise and services. Leveraging Figma, we executed the entire design process with precision, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficient design iterations.


  • Web Design

Project Details:

Design Goals

User-Centric Approach: Prioritized user experience for easy navigation and accessibility. Implemented a clean and intuitive design to enhance user engagement.

Branding Consistency: Aligned the design with Midas Analytics' brand identity for a cohesive online presence. Utilized a harmonious color palette and typography that resonates with the brand.

Service Highlight: Showcased Monitoring, Evaluation, and Data & AI Consultancy services prominently. Communicated unique value propositions of each service through clear visuals and concise content.

Responsive Design: Ensured a seamless experience across various devices, maintaining functionality and aesthetics.

Technology Used: Figma


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