In the RehaApp project, Recycling Media had the privilege of collaborating with our client, RehaApp, who presented us with a comprehensive Figma design for their venture focused on Vedic Astrology. Embracing the belief in the profound influence of stars and planets on our lives, RehaApp aspired to translate this ancient wisdom into a modern, user-friendly digital experience.


  • Development
  • Design

Project Details:

Solution Highlights: Through Recycling Media's FIGMA TO Webflow development approach, we brought RehaApp's vision to life. The platform empowers users to become their own life coaches, guided by celestial bodies. The design seamlessly integrates the rich tradition of Vedic Astrology with an intuitive and interactive user interface, offering a personalized journey into cosmic understanding.

Results and Impact: RehaApp now stands as a distinctive offering in the realm of astrology applications. Users enjoy a holistic and insightful experience, as the transition from Figma to Webflow not only maintained design integrity but also enhanced overall usability. Individuals can now navigate their life paths with newfound cosmic awareness.

Testimonial: "We are thrilled with the seamless transition from design to development that Recycling Media provided. Their expertise in translating our Figma designs into a functional Webflow site has greatly enhanced our online presence."

Technologies Used: Webflow, Figma


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