In collaboration with Xworx, Recycling Media embarked on a transformative journey, translating Figma designs into a dynamic and functional website. The project focused on seamlessly integrating Xworx's extensive range of services, catering to both customers and the market.


  • Webflow

Project Details:

Challenges Faced: Turning Figma designs into a functional and user-friendly website required a careful balance of design aesthetics and technological implementation.

Solution Highlights: Recycling Media's team successfully executed the Figma-to-Webflow transition, ensuring a seamless and visually stunning representation of Xworx's services. Leveraging expertise in service design, prototyping, and marketing strategy, we crafted a digital presence aligning with Xworx's business goals.

Results and Impact: The transformation from Figma to Webflow has empowered Xworx to showcase their services with a modern and engaging website. Implemented strategies have enhanced customer engagement, positioning the website as a powerful tool for market positioning.

Testimonial: "We are thrilled with the outcome! The transition from Figma to Webflow was executed with precision, and the website now reflects our brand essence. Thank you for Recycling Media's expertise and dedication."

Technologies Used: Webflow


GetSport B2B

Informational website and inspiration for the new design of our service


The new website of our team, reflecting our current vision of web design


Empowering athletes, coaches & biz owners with a sports ground booking website

StayUse Pitch

A web calculator to showcase the benefits of StayUse, hourly hotel booking system

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