In this transformative project, Zacstred approached Recycling Media with a cutting-edge FIGMA DESIGN, seeking to bring its digital vision to life. Our team took on the challenge of converting the intricate design into a seamless and responsive website using the Webflow platform.


  • Development
  • Webflow Implementation

Project Details:

Challenges Faced Converting a complex FIGMA DESIGN into a fully functional and visually stunning Webflow site presented unique challenges. Our team navigated intricate design elements and ensured a smooth transition from design to development.

Solution Highlights: Our UX design expertise played a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of Zacstred's vision. Through meticulous development, Recycling Media seamlessly translated the FIGMA DESIGN into a dynamic Webflow website, preserving the essence of the original design while ensuring optimal functionality.

Results and Impact: The collaboration resulted in a website that not only met but exceeded Zacstred's expectations. The visually striking and user-friendly platform now serves as a testament to the successful transformation of design into a functional digital space.

Testimonial: "We are thrilled with the seamless transition from design to development that Recycling Media provided. Their expertise in translating our Figma designs into a functional Webflow site has greatly enhanced our online presence."

Technologies Used: Webflow.


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