February 10, 2021
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February 10, 2021 Bilal shah

Wordpress is a great tool to create your WordPress page templates and websites, if you know a little something about what you are doing. But, did you know you are not limited to the pages they give you to work with? Sure, they tell you that in order to get the full array of page layouts you have to buy the “Full Version.” Or, you can just create your own…

Customizing a page template is as easy as downloading a page layout that has already been created, modifying it, changing the name, and uploading it to the page folder where you found the original. Boom, it’s now a page layout option in the page select drop down box.

Wordpress page template

This is great for people who don’t want the cookie-cutter look and feel of a wordpress page template; because, let’s face it, the free ones are all the same – you get the main page, the contact page, a full width page, and if your lucky, you get a right and left sidebar page.

But, what if you want to add the ability to introduce session data into your site, to carry certain data about the user from page to page, without having to make them enter it on every page you want to be able to access that data? You can’t put that in the page where you edit your page content. That data needs to go in a part of the script that you can’t access from the edit page area of your dashboard, or even using the editor function in the dashboard.

Wordpress page template

Can’t stand the “Powered by WordPress”, and author data in the footer of you website? Visitors land on your page, see a beautiful website, scroll down, and see all these credits on the bottom that link to other people, and take away from your efforts to customize your website. These credits are easily removed from your footer, and placed in a more appropriate area, still allowing credit for the hard work of the people who designed the theme, but no longer taking credit away from you for your hard work customizing the theme. Not only can you remove data from the footer, you can add whatever data you want there. If the theme only offers your title as a footer label, but you want a full footer containing your title, city, state, ©, year, and all appropriate contact info, that can be added in the same place you took out the author data; and that is accessible from the editor page in your dashboard.

So, next time you are looking for that WordPress theme or Wordpress page templates that fits you perfectly, remember, you can take any theme and make it your own by doing a little modification to the code. But, be very carefull, if you remove one too many “{“, or “,” you can be in for a world of hurting when you go to look at the page and it does not work anymore. Hand coding is very difficult because computers are only as smart as you tell them to be; they do not know your intentions, and will only do what they are told. By removing that beginning “{“, you now need to remove the corresponding ending “}” or the code will become invalid, and if that “{“/”}” pair are declaring a set function, and you remove it, say bye-bye to that function, that part of your website, and probably everything below it as well.

Wordpress page template

The short and skinny of WordPress themes and WordPress page templates is that you can tailor them to whatever you want, with some coding knowledge. Or, find a reputable firm and they can achieve this very quickly for you, at minimal cost. Luckily for you, we are a reputable firm, and we do know how to do all of this. We just a click away if you need us.

If you are beginner in building a WordPress page templates then why not hire a website designer . Check the below link why hiring a website designer is important :Why Hiring a Website designer is important

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