Why website design and development is important


With over 2 BILLION websites on the Internet today, it is no longer good enough to just build a web designing.

The Internet provides your customers with the ability to learn about your product or service, it’s value, it’s price, and anything else they want to know, all without having to spend anything more than a little time.

How will you present yourself to this increasing audience? Have you done everything you can to capture every visitor to your web designing and engage them in such a manner that keeps them hooked? Building a website is no longer a “get a college-kid to do it” task. It is a more critical component of your marketing collateral than any of your other mediums for promoting your business. TV, radio, phone books, billboards, they all are nothing more than a waste if your website doesn’t give those mediums the leverage they need to convince your customers to buy from you.

Does your website portray the professionalism and quality that your company strives to portray on a daily basis? Do you need help creating a web designing that provides your marketing and sales departments with fluidity, getting them to finally work as a team? Accade web designers are experienced in the power of the web and what it can do for your business.

Our web design experts are ready to help you maximize your website’s potential. We can start with a blank dry erase board, or we can help you turn your ideas into a masterpiece. Take a look at all of the Web Design services we offer.


There are many entities that benefit from strong web designing in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. Companies that have previously been distributing their software packages as local applications installed on the end-users’ computers are able to increase their market by offering the software in the form of an online web application that is accessible from anywhere in the world.

In some cases this involves completely redeveloping the application into a browser-based interface, or it may consist of merely adapting an existing application to use different presentation technology. Accade web designing & developers are trained in the fundamentals of computer science, allowing them to build any application with any framework and in any language. The benefit to you being that we do not create “vendor lock-in” by using closed source or otherwise difficult to maintain or edit software.

Do you have the next Facebook idea? Or do you have software that you sell now for customers that install it on their computer and would like to move to a web-based solution to stay up with current trends? Accade’s professional web application developers are ready to help you develop your ideas into the next big thing. We can start with nothing more than an idea on a napkin, or we can help you convert something you already have. Take a look at all of the Web.


U.S. Online sales grow between 20 and 25% per year and are expected to rise 11 % to $156 billion this year, excluding revenue from travel.

People spend money online because it’s easier for people to comparison shop and to find what they’re looking for. For those that think they will remain strong with their physical stores, it may come as a blow to know that much of the online spending will come at the expense of physical stores. The companies that properly prepare for the digital retailer age will set their pricing so it is the same on both online and offline channels have positioned themselves to be successful.

The world of e-commerce can be overwhelming with RFID, accounting systems, shopping cart software, inventory tracking, order tracking, shipping management, customer service, affiliate management, credit card processing, and more. At Accade, our E-Commerce Experts can help you seamlessly integrate all of your current offline systems to your online store.

Do you want to make sure your online inventory matches your offline stock? Do you want to make sure you are doing everything possible to maximize your e-commerce presence? Let our E-Commerce specialists take your online storefront to the max. We can build your first shopping cart system, or we can integrate all of your e-business systems.


Effective website content accomplishes two main goals:

  1. Effective website content is Search Engine Optimized with strategic keywords throughout the content that helps your website rank higher on Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other major Search Engines.
  2. Effective website content educates prospective buyers at each step of the buying process, providing perceived value, keeping the visitor from leaving the website.

Accade offers more than just website content development. We are able to provide content development for brochures, advertising, whitepapers, case studies, and articles/blog posts. We incorporate any and all essential mediums to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing presence; building value to prospective buyers and focusing on the most important thing: conversion – (getting a customer to subscribe, register, inquire, or buy something).

Our holistic marketing approach provides our clients with effective content that delivers the right message to the right prospective buyer, increasing overall returns on investment. Is your marketing and website content doing everything possible to maximize your value-positioning with customers and their decision to make an action?

Let our professional copywriters give you a hand. We can start from scratch, or help you finish some content that.